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Energy Costs: Does it give you a chill?
Unique Corrosion Protection System Ensures Energy Savings!

Thermoguard will extend the lifetime and restore the capacity of all Air Conditioning equipment for years. Thermoguard services go beyond the preventative corrosion protection measurements. Your Air Conditioning equipment can be sustained by years when using THERMOGUARD corrective services. THERMOGUARD will restore the capacity of your equipment, and postpone replacement costs.

Thermoguard advantages:

  • Reconditioning of corroded coils and casing on site
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Extended warranty available
  • Improves performance of air conditioners.

Thermoguard corrosion protection coating are used by:

Kennedy Space Center/OEM Manufacturers/Oil Refineries/Industrial Plants/Major Air conditioning Manufacturers/ Manufacturing Plants.

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